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With its shelving on wheels, Mobilrot designs solutions that make the most of the available space, allowing the customer to place the shelving as they wish.

Shelving Systems on Wheels Procoss

Thanks to the integrated castors, Procoss mobile shelving systems from Mobilrot allow flexible adjustment without the need to embed a rail in the floor. This gives you new possibilities for organising space and completely reinterpreting tasks. Articles and products are stored where they are needed at the time and allow the user a better overview and faster search. They give you the freedom to create storage space where you need it and place items where you need them.


The castors inserted into the trolley allow the shelves to be moved in no time at all. New spaces can be created quickly for storage, meetings, discussion groups or exhibitions. This attractive visual and acoustic barrier is also suitable for temporary storage. Storage areas can thus be used more efficiently, intelligently and invitingly.
The Procoss system with castors realises cost- and practical solutions and thus becomes a multifunctional all-rounder.

scaffalature su ruote

The interior of this shelving unit is based on the proven Procoss system and can therefore be freely configured with all accessory variants.


Procompat roll-up shelving can be fully integrated into the Procoss system. In addition, there is also a range of original accessories to customise Procompat according to your wishes and needs.


High-quality workmanship, indestructible in use, versatile in function, the compact systems from Mobilrot offer the ideal framework for storing and displaying the most diverse exhibits. The team of the planning office supplies all elements for a rational complete solution.

Retail shops

The shelving system that we at Mobilrot have developed for the retail sector is designed to make maximum use of space and above all to store goods quickly and conveniently.


The Shelving on wheels was specially developed for use in the office. It conveys a homely ambience and sets new accents for personalised solutions.


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