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Mobilrot is a medium-sized family-run company, famous for the production of shelving systems and high-quality steel structures. Since its foundation in 1954, the company has grown and constantly renewed itself. Here in Ora, in the mountains of South Tyrol, more than 60 years ago, Erwin Höllwarth begins*1 to build the first shelves with enthusiasm and full of energy, personally visiting customers all over Italy with his trusty Lambretta. Höllwarth, during his travels, listens to wants and needs*2 proposing specific solutions for the warehouse. Mobilrot therefore begins its path as a craft company and to then become a real industrial company, at the beginning of the 60s, specializing in the production of shelves and metal storage containers.

Roland Gruber CEO Mobilrot


In 2009 the Gruber family takes over the company and CEO Roland Gruber starts a process of growth on national and international markets, reorganizing the production range and the corporate strategy itself. Customers throughout Europe and the world appreciate the innovation and special solutions that Mobilrot offers, combined with the skills and high standards of quality that are applied to shelving and steel structures. The company presents a vast assortment of products dedicated to various sectors such as industry, museum, sports, medical and fashion. The standard solutions are part of the production program as well as the larger and more complex projects: the latter are proposed especially for the furnishings of libraries, in the field of fashion and design. The offer is completed by customized items for different application areas, all made in South Tyrol. This wide range of products offers the possibility of purchasing a complete system of metal shelving and furniture from a single source, an aspect that ensures maximum functionality and quality.


Innovation, special customer care and a broad vision have made Mobilrot a strong and reliable partner in various economic sectors. All the products are developed and created based on the customer’s needs and above all in line with the current European standards: for this reason in our company the CE and TÜV certifications are part of the standard elements. Through the continuous optimization of the products, Mobilrot maintains a constant development and the accurate processing of the materials together with permanent controls guarantee a convincing quality.


A coordinated system shows its true class, ensuring functionality and longevity in daily use. This is the statement we have been researching, developing and producing for decades. We offer perfectly matched pieces and guarantee maximum compatibility through a precise interaction of the individual components. Furthermore, our shelving units are always produced according to current and future European standards in terms of safety and anti-seismic protection.


We are able to always offer, through our quick and top quality service, new ideas and new products, aimed to satisfy our customers’ wants and the needs of the national and international market. Therefore, our experience is growing day by day, thanks to any new project realized with you.


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Mobilrot offers a wide range of products for every need.
For example, metal shelves, High-density shelving , pallet racks, multi-tier shelving, cantilever
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